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We are open Monday,Tuesday, Wednrsday, Thursday and Friday during term time, for children from the age of 2 until they enter primary school.

Unlike most preschool settings we accept children from two, children can attend Monday to Friday 9:30 -12.00

Children can also attend lunch club on nursery days (subject to numbers) thereby extending the session to 1pm for parents as well as providing a valuable social activity for the children.

We also run an afternoon session on a Monday Tuesday and Wednrsday these are attended as an all day session 9.30 - 2.45. The afternoon session consists of more structured activities to prepare the older children for school.

We suggest that a child starts with at least two sessions, gradually increasing as they become ready.

Read more about a typical session...

Lunch Session

Children are able to stay for lunch sessions on the days the nursery is open.

During lunch sessions the staff and children sit and eat lunch together and afterwards the children are allowed to play until they are picked up.

You will need to provide food and a drink, stored in a named lunchbox.

In order to support our healthy eating policy we ask that you send nutritious food. We allow crisps, cakes and biscuits but ask that you help your child to see these as treats and a small part of a well balanced diet. We ask you not to send in fizzy drinks.

Many children suffer from allergies particularly nut allergies, therefore we ask that you do not provide foods containing nuts in any form.