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The Premises

Great Chishill Nursery is set in the Cricket Pavilion. We are fortunate enough to have our setting next to a large playing field and have year round access to outdoor play facilities. The main room is a good size and is set up to provide small play areas, which help to make the children feel secure. Children soon develop the confidence to move around the room freely, engaging in a wide range of play and learning activities. Activities may be adult or child led and may involve the children playing alone, with a friend or in small groups.

Toys & Activities

The range of activities includes imaginative play, dressing up, puppets, looking at books, construction toys, small world toys, art and craft, play dough, sand, water, puzzles and table top toys. The children also have access to a listening centre and computers on which the children can use simple programs.

ICT In The Nursery

We are committed to developing each individuals computer skills. In the nursery the children have access to computers with various games of differing degrees of difficulty. We also have a graphics tablet for drawing and writing on the computers as well as a Bee-Bot programmable robot which are great fun as well as educational!

Our Setup

We also make use of the changing rooms for our messy activites like arts and crafts and it is also used to store coats, wellies and spare clothes, each child is allocated their own named pegs to avoid their belongings from getting mixed up with others.

There are two toilets for the children to use, we also provide potties, toilet seats and steps to cater for the developmental needs of every child. We are also lucky enough to have showers so if the need arises we can make use of them.

Outside we are fortunate to have a large grassed area where the children can run around and play. Activities include climbing frames, slides, trampolines, ride on toys, tents, tunnels, sand and water, bats and balls.

We have a small secure covered veranda area which we use year round, here the children can play with the inside toys in the fresh air. If the weather prevents us from going outside we set up the classroom with a variety of indoor physical activities such as tunnels, stepping stones, slide, rocker and bean bags.

At times we make use of the village itself to explore the surrounding countryside.